TURN BACK TIME I’m a skincare expert, here’s three things which are making you look old & the products that you should run a mile from

A SKINCARE expert has revealed the three main reasons why skin ages, and how you can stop it in its tracks and help turn back the hands of time. 

A skincare and beauty expert has lifted the lid on common errors in women's skincare routines - and how to fix themCredit: Getty

In one of her most popular videos to date, Rebecca lifts the lid on “three reasons why you’re ageing your skin quicker than you should be.”

Starting with number one, Rebecca says that many women are using highstreet products that contain ingredients that they’re not aware of.

She explains: “You’re using a product from the high street and it probably contains alcohol.

“Alcohol is only goods for one thing - in your drink on a Saturday night - and I don’t even drink anymore. 

Rebecca continues: “So just like you’re cautious of your food and maybe you’re checking your calories and checking your fats and proteins, turn your bottles around and have a look at what is on that bottle.

“Google the ingredients, you’ll be so shocked to see what skincare companies are allowed to put in.”

The skincare fanatic further expands on this point in her second handy tip, saying many products contain a hidden ingredient called mineral oil - which would be like lathering your face in Vaseline.

She adds: “It might sound like it’s from the sea and it’s a mineral and it’s organic and beautiful and botanical and lovely - it ain’t!”

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